Nasser Hadjloo

UX Designer

I embrace design challenges, to make users happy.
My goal is to make so-called users, a possible brand advocate

Logo Design

Sunkime Logo
Artystone Studio Logo
Sarvenaz Amanpour Badge
Mahrou Shawl and Scarf
Marzishn Masters Logo

Project SimplyDesk

SimplyDesk Dashboard Design
SimplyDesk Dashboard
SimplyDesk Responsive Design
SimplyDesk Responsive Design
SimplyDesk Menu Design
SimplyDesk Quick menu
SimplyDesk taskboard Design
SimplyDesk Taskboard
SimplyDesk Calendar Design
SimplyDesk Calendar
SimplyDesk Taskboard Views
SimplyDesk Multi-Functional Views
SimplyDesk Taskboard Responsive
SimplyDesk taskboard Responsive

Project Sunkime

Sunkime Login Page Design
Sunkime Login
Sunkime Register Page Design
Sunkime Register

Project Mobin

Faraconesh Dashboard
Faraconesh Dashboard
Faraconesh User Profile Page Design
Faraconesh User Profile
Faraconesh FAQ Page Design
Faraconesh FAQ